Phlowetic Justice

by Phlow

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Femcee Phlow goes for the jugular on her latest venture. A one off track titled Phlowetic Justice which is a play on Kendrick Lamar’s Poetic Justice. Far from being a cover and more of using K-dot’s song as inspiration, Phlow uses similar backdrops(The same Janet Jackson sample and a portion of K dot’s song) to accentuate her commanding flow and spirited presence on the song as she clearly states her goals “Now I’m crazy set/ To hit my mark no sweat/ A one way ticket to the tippy top I got, let’s jet/With Pistol like aim, tell em I'ma hit off/ That definition is- in- my name N****** I’m in my zone” and diminishes the competition “…A Lotta buzz I hear, but I don’t see ‘em standing in my way/ Trafficking them chips to land, just where I want not where they may/ We 'bout to make history people, you cannot clear that cache…”


*Every second, every minute
Man I swear that she can get it*

You a bad bad, put your hands up High
You a bad bad, put your hands up…. X4

[Verse1 ]
Get em to recognize, I said recognise how I paint this
Sit back and realise the reason I freaking play it's
How that flow be getting, getting ridiculous losing patience
And I'm just tryna get em to kick out that hesitation (it's like)
My motivation ain't really yours
Men I'm stationed prepared 4 war
I have waited it's time dat I hit d pavement
I am jus tryna get em to listen, I Hope they get it
Was swimming before I dived in
I'm ready to punch time in, Really it's perfect timing
Prepared to go punch them lines in
It glitters that silver lining ,I spotted to get my rhymes in check
Now I am crazy set, To hit my mark no sweat
A one way ticket to the tippy top
I got lets jet
With pistol like aim tell em, I'mma hit off
That's definition its in my name
Ni**** I'm in my zone
If u can get it get to ghosting, Tell that hater be gone
Yeah pretty soon I bet u'll see that I'mma, I'mma be on

I'm a Bad, bad, put your hands up high! X8

I felt that wave in my mind went and built that ark in me
Float the flow that motion that friction, that set the spark in me
Now I spit heat, I could set that beat on fire arson g
Already told em, Ph is so low acidic arsenic Phlow
Class in session this period, In my element
Illy and it evident, Winning is in my regiment damn
From sediments heading to higher residents
Tell em get up upon my level
If you talk to me you better be real
I heard pathway is steep
That can't stop my climbing bae
A lotta buzz I hear
But I don't see 'em standing way
Trafficking them chips to land
Just where I want not where they may
We 'bout make history people you cannot clear that cache
I love that pressure that I'm feeling now
Like it pushing me I see a diamond in a crown
We Ge getting badder
Watch me put my hands up
And yeah this could just be our season
Put that drink in my cup



released July 1, 2017
Written By Stephanie Eyime
Produced By Teck-Zilla



all rights reserved


str8buttah Lagos, Nigeria

African Hiphop Collective: Teck-Zilla, XYZ, Enigma, Prof. Deckzavier, R-Cube & Mister Rae

Production Home of:
Maka & Phlow

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