Hip Hop

by Phlow

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“Hip-Hop” is a one-off single that showcases the love of the art from three different perspectives. The trio made up of Phlow and MC Bravado and Teck-Zilla each share what the culture means to them on this bombastic boom-bap infused cut. Over the solemn pounding beat, the Baltimore, US emcee speaks on how the music served as the perfect getaway for him while Phlow shares her how the music revolved around her childhood growing up in Lagos, Nigeria. The record is finally solidified together with cuts by producer/DJ Teck-Zilla who take classic lines from legends such as Nas, AZ, Notorious B.I.G, MC Shan and even Skyzoo to bring it back home.


[Verse 1: MC Bravado]
I been getting stressed at my desk today
Lenny Kravitz when he’s jamming gotta get away
Pen to page is my only way to ventilate
To better days heavy rain only flow levy breaking
Meant to save him, allow me to demonstrate
Split it down the middle you could see the demon separate
It’ll set you straight like a corrective brace
Made by the doctor and put on put your neck in place
I said that before when a record played
But it makes better sense when it’s said today
I’ve confessed in the booth when I’m led astray
Prayed and repented in a debt that I could never pay
It’s like placing a penny in collection plate
I’ve kept the faith from Section 80 to Section 8
Life is Complex pressing Buddens everyday
Struggling is Academic get with a Nadeska, aye!

[Verse 2: Phlow]
I got the picture frames up
Hanging from the walls my mind had paved up
Back when ringing bells would signal days up
Pack my bags and walk out for the pick-up
To head back to the comfort of some tapes
My uncle left up
I would listen and I’d stay up
Make up
Notes to myself written over percussions
A bevy of instrumentals
I hopped on with precaution
A little rhythm and poetry
In the right proportion
l let it lead till I figured where the flow was going
I let the feels put life in my pencil
Then life in pen
spending time at tryna be better at rhyming at them
From hearing girl u crazy u trine sound foreign like them
To oh my God thats you on the track freaking killing it damn
I swear this music saves me daily
The thudding of the base cud shake the shyest one out bravely
The snare could make you dare to tell your story
Be it lamely about a little quiet girl
What found the flow and made it namely


released May 22, 2019
Artists: Phlow , MC Bravado & Teck-Zilla
Song Title: Hip-Hop
Produced by Teck-Zilla


all rights reserved



str8buttah Lagos, Nigeria

African Hiphop Collective: Teck-Zilla, XYZ, Enigma, Prof. Deckzavier, R-Cube & Mister Rae

Production Home of:
Maka & Phlow

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