The Truth EP

by Maka

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DJ ABEOKUTA This EP is quickly becoming a favorite of mine. Great music! Favorite track: Mu Na Gi.
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Hailed as one of Africa’s best kept musical secrets of the year, on the back of critical acclaim on the continent for her introductory singles last year ‘Ife (Love)’ and ‘Mu Na Gi (You And I)’, eclectic Nigerian Soul singer, songwriter and musician Maka is finally emerging from anonymity and ready to take centre stage with the release of her exciting debut EP The Truth.

The Truth EP is a rich, resounding and assured debut offering from the Nigerian native, backed by glorious Hip Hop and Soul musical backdrops, provided by Hip-Hop DJ/producer Teck-Zilla, over which Maka bares her heart on love, life and everything in between, in uniquely sincere and relatable fashion, underpinned by her signature Afrocentric and soulful stylings.

From opening track ‘Forever’, which samples Chaka Khan’s ‘Stronger Than Pride’ to glorious effect, and her soulful Hip-Hop ode to her hometown ‘Lagos’, to the triumphant and life-affirming ‘FMH (Feeling My High)’ and the already well-received ‘Mu Na Gi’, every song on this EP contributes to what makes for a captivating listening experience and an exceptional body of work from Maka.

Speaking about the inspiration for the record, Maka said, “making this EP came as true and pure to me, as anything I’ve ever done. I wasn’t trying to please anyone but myself. Working with Teck-Zilla never felt contrived, we weren’t rushed or disturbed, and we had the freedom to create whatever we wanted. That’s where the title of the record comes from, in the sense that creating it was indeed true”.


released April 21, 2016

All songs written and performed by Maka
All Songs produced, recorded and mixed by Teck-Zilla
All songs mastered by PJ Katz



all rights reserved


str8buttah Lagos, Nigeria

African Hiphop Collective: Teck-Zilla, XYZ, Enigma, Prof. Deckzavier, R-Cube & Mister Rae

Production Home of:
Maka & Phlow

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Track Name: Forever
I'm just saying, I don't wanna be around playing no more
It gets frustrating
Shey na me you wan dey use and then you hit the door?
You said you want me, now I'm here tryna give you everything that you want
So why you hesitating?
Shey you don find me, so tell me what you waiting for?

Stay a little longer bae
I could make us dinner bae
We could watch a movie bae
You know that we can do this bae

You say you love this feeling
When you next to me
You said you love my company
But I got more to give
You say that I'm a real b***h
I ain't got no drama
But baby, I can keep it real and make it last forever

I can make this last forever, you know(4x)

I ain't lying, you know say e don tey since I, I been dey feel like this
And I don't wanna hide it, baby say you love me, just put my mind at ease
But you don't wanna label it (label it)
I see you calling me "a friend with benefits"
That just self deceit
Cos I know that you want more than this

(Back to Stay a little longer bae...)

No time to dilly dally
Want you to be my papi
Hustle together from the start till we get our Bugatti
Then we take a vacation
Or we can tour the nation
I don't mind, when I'm with you, everything else comes in second
Track Name: Lagos
Verse 1
Have u ever loved a city d way that I love mine?
Good to be born n bred in it, cos its one of a kind
One of a kind, it will teach u all u need to know
One of a kind- what doesn't kill u, can only make u grow
I'm talking about Lasgidi, a city that never sleeps
We always up for d hustle, I guess we up chasing our dreams
5am to sun down, Lagos no dey turn down
Rain or sunny weather, we aint stopping ever

As long as I've got d air that I breathe
Its Lagos (Lagos)
Lagos for U, Lagos for me
We Lagos (Lagos)

Verse 2
I'm at 3rd mainland bridge
And d lights r all I see
Cars be zooming, people cruising
But its only half past three
Traffic down to iyana-ipaja
Or headed from unilag to Ikeja
I just laugh out loud when I look at d crowd
To survive, u gotta be a soldier
Talk about d boys in black
There's God, so dey can never hold us back
Or u in a  bus, in your own little corner
And everyone's cursing at d driver
But at d end of d day I know
This city na my own
So I'ma let it out, that I'm always proud
Lasgidi chic all day long
Track Name: #FMH
Verse 1
I know we all got problems, I can understand
You want them gone so you could start again
So you could forget (2x)
If you could get that stuff to take it all away-
Won't you light that up to take away the pain?
Do you feel good? (3x)

Just feeling my high (3x)
Just tryna stay high, tryna stay high

Verse 2
Okay now, we about to go to that place where nobody else can go
Nobody else can go
Its all about that happiness, its all about that feel good music
Feel good, you know this
So...if you talking bullsh*t, I'm not listening
I'm all about that good ish, so give it to me
So I could feel good (3x)

(Back to chorus 2x)

Pa da pa pa pa pa pa pa pa da pa pa pa da da pa pa pa da pa pa pa pa da

(Back to chorus 2x, end)

You know what I like to do?
I just like to sit down, relax and let it all flow
Track Name: Circle
Verse 1
I've decided to come back again
I've decided to give you a chance
I've decided that we should make amends
But if you f**k u again, it'll be the end
I won't do it anymore, can't keep knocking on your door
Like salt on injury, you're just pain to me
Guess I wanna see where this pain could lead
You keep saying it won't happen, then u get back into trouble
Then you begging me saying, "baby please believe me, don't go"

I'm a boomerang (boomerang, boomerang)
I keep coming back like a boomerang
I'm a boomerang (boomerang, boomerang)
I keep coming back like a f**king circle
Going round n round n round and round and round and round and round
Up is down n down is up, and I'm just inside out

Verse 2
I've decided to make it crystal clear
You can't decide to keep getting in my head
If you want me to stay, then you gotta be prepared
Cos I swear this would be the last time that I'm coming back here
I won't do it anymore, you gotta know whatchu really want
Like salt on injury, you're just killing me
Guess I wanna see where all this could lead
U keep saying it won't happen, then you get back into trouble
Then you begging me saying, "baby please believe me, don't go"

(Back to chorus)
Track Name: Mu Na Gi
Verse 1
Love me love me like I'm the only one
Love me love me from the moon up to the sun
Cos I've always wanted to be loved by you (2x)

Ba da da da da da da da

Ifunanya gi ka m' nma
Biko, a hapukwala m'aka
I wanna be where you are,forever
You and I together
Mu na gi (you and I baby) (2x)

Verse 2
Be there for me like there's no oda day
Be there for me like there's no oda way
Cos I've always wanted to be held by u (2x)
Track Name: Good Time
Verse 1
It's a beautiful day and there's only one thing on my mind
Wanna get away but I don't wanna leave you behind
No, no, no!
Say I don't wanna leave you behind
I want u around me all the time

Two is perfect, three's a crowd
You and me on that loud
I know it seems like we on the ground
But we headed straight for the cloud
Take off like we going to space (like we going to space)
Spaced out, we be flying in space (we be flying in space)
Gravity can't even hold us down
Cos its just you and me now

I just wanna have a good time (2x)
I just wanna have it good
Cos a good time ain't good without you

So are you coming with me? (4x)

Verse 2
You know its going down
You and me no doubt
Show em nixxas we crazy when we blazing up their town
I got the herb so let's roll it
Life is good and you know it
Fireworks up in the air, light it up and let's blow it
Say we black but eyes red
Fire burn in my head
We got the dough so we bake bread
We eat it up n we faded
I look at you and you perfect
You look at me and I'm worth it
I just can't explain this sh*t at all

(Back to chorus, hook, end)