The Brand New Masquerade Ep

by Mister Rae

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Mr Rae's solo EP


released January 6, 2011

All lyrics written by Mr Rae
All tracks produced by Teck-zilla for Str8buttah productions except track 8 produced by Mr Rae for Str8 Buttah productions and track 5 produced by Dj PeeWee for 25tolyf productions.
Str8Buttah publishing 2011



all rights reserved


str8buttah Lagos, Nigeria

African Hiphop Collective: Teck-Zilla, XYZ, Enigma, Prof. Deckzavier, R-Cube & Mister Rae

Production Home of:
Maka & Phlow

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Track Name: Intro/Pretend you know me
R.A.E pretend you know me
Track Name: Easy Lover
Verse 1 [Rae]:
Easy lovers listen with your hearts on hold
Give me a minute while I paint my shit gold
To sell the sacred to the hated...ten fold
And donate the proceeds; (oops forgot I left you on hold)
As we proceed to give you more things to need
Instead of food and education, try Nikes and greed
A Che Guevara T-shirt from a Latin sweatshop
Bob Marley chucks from a Dread that got shot
The revolution will be televised only on Pay-Per-View
Let the children breed monsters and I don't mean Picachu
I mean YOU watching people like YOU get murdered
Bullets raze ghettoes like Single Black Mothers
Bombs get dropped like Funk Flex on brothers
And you are the cause, of course, did I stutter?
You don't believe me I need more people
Revolutionaries in the real axis of evil
Writers to speak for the dispossessed people
Listeners and readers to see that's it simple
Lest you don't believe we are all created equal
Do it right now for there will be no sequel

Se mi jeje, Se mi jeje, iyawo ye, se mi jeje, se mi jeje (3x)
Se mi jeje, se mi jeje, semi jeje, se mi jeje

Verse 2 [Rae]:
Hey, Young World I see you growing wild
Word from an O-G, Be a father to your child
Cos you cant leave the raising of a youth to television
That only tells him how to get trapped in the system
Advertisement tell him that he won't be happy
If he doesn't have the newest-latest updated malarky
Everybody aiming for 15 minutes of fame
Call it 'Reality-TV' only thing real is the name
Your child grows up imitating the vain, thinking that's real
Then he sees suffering and pain, and won't think that's real
Cos there's no emotional music in the background of the news
While the weapon contractors that own the channels share their views
Abused till he lives to consume
Greed looms heavy -- Elephant in the Room
Desensitized from the womb to the tomb
But you say Rae cut out the boom and gloom

Verse 3 [Teck]:
Life is a Housewife, we are the Step Children
Living off the crumbs cut off from all dealings
When the sun sets, the son rise
The feeling of God is up there but all I see is just ceilings
(Nigeria) Paradise or Hell, addicted to hope like parasite to cells
No running water, we paralyze the wells
So we drink from the cesspool analyze the smell
Similar to Crabs in a Barrel
Basic amenity is crap so we travel
When we arrive then it starts to unravel
Same ish different toilet so we 'Marvel' (Shazam!)
Here comes a new system
Council tax wait (I'mma let you finish) listen
Scrambling like Blind Mice in this rat race
In the 'Jungle Metropolis' giving a cat chase
I wanna break records, bread and smash boulders
Move to the tropics were its cool and less colder
Give a helping hand to the weak maybe a shoulder
There's more to being Black than a Minority Quota