Phlow Fridays

by Phlow

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2016 has been a work in progress for rapper Phlow. She dropped her debut Ep “Mind,Body & Phlow” which got her some recognition from high profile hip-hop sites such as, 2dopeboyz, amongst others. She followed up with a single “Phlowetic Justice” and a mini EP titled “Asuai”, both further pushed her in the public eye as she was supported by sites such as, egotripland just to name a few. To close the year, she and her team have embarked on a Phlow Fridays series – where she will drop a song every Friday throughout the month of November which will culminate with the release of a mini- doc style music video in December.

#4 FREESTYLE Feat Cyclone


released November 30, 2016

All Tracks Written By Stephanie Eyime
Features: Cyclone
All tracks Produced By Teck-Zilla except Track 2 which is produced by Novawave



all rights reserved


str8buttah Lagos, Nigeria

African Hiphop Collective: Teck-Zilla, XYZ, Enigma, Prof. Deckzavier, R-Cube & Mister Rae

Production Home of:
Maka & Phlow

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Track Name: Pent House
[Verse1 :Phlow]

I've always been words no actions
Always been bark no bite
Feels all pent in the past
Tensed up work on my pen
No quotes to cite
All of held up cannot put my ink down
And they'll never know all the feelings that I found
I put them all up in my pent house
I know the view
Don't ask just do
Yeah I did it
Yeah I kept it
Never wrote it
Never show it
Never showed it
It never is easy especially when you forget how to put on the off switch
Off from a cliff then I fell to ditch

The world spins on without you
And most of that spin happens when you're not around

[Verse 2: Phlow]
In my pent house I'm trap sitting
On a chaise lounge
I'm sipping soco
Till my glass is empty
You fill me up again
Then you go ahead and go on
We like a freaking disaster
Tell em to get out they phones and record it
Thought it I'd sort it
Retort it abort it emotionally
It's freaking distorted
The you you know
Is you who
Should have know the love myth exists to screw you
Over, used to think what to do
Literally had it backwards with you
But if I'm numb then
You won't see me frown
Yo if I'm numb then
You wouldn't even know you brought me down no no
Track Name: CRZY
[Verse 1: Phlow]
I stepped in the booth blew the top off on some cnt find pen ok top of
Of the dome I been waiting to pop off not soft this is not soft
This some sweating and putting in work so don’t tell be to knock off
I been aiming to hit where it hurts give em some school then drop off
On where dem where de, dey sef/ Lyrics burning a hole in d gauge sef
Yes ke make dem take care / because I have been killing on this here
They tried dey luck but I am so outta they league this is something else
Fela 'Kulapo Kuti mode u cannot test this girl
I dribble fake passed I took a shot bet they thought I would lose it but I went and took a spot on d list of their favourite hop
I been hoping n beasting at will heading for the top

Everything I say I do
I do it with a passion
If I gotta be a *itch imma be a bad one

[Chorus: Kehlani]

[Verse 2: Phlow]
That phlow spit be getting miraculous I float and I sting like arachnids
I weave thru d bull and dat ish I can smell it a mile away I won’t be having it
I’m attacking it yes I’m attacking it
Ticked off and its time I went ham on em
Lift off going sky high while they
Tripped off, tripped off
I am sick of all the back talk
If u wanna say something i listening n*****r
I tell em its all in the wrist when i’m taking the wheel
And i counting my figures
It figures though this here is pivotal
So do not be mad at me when i get lyrical
This is for keeps and it cannot be stop one its stared and headed pinnacles
I dribble fake passed I took a shot bet they thought I would lose it but I went and took a spot on d list of their favourite hop
I been hoping n beasting at will heading for the top

Everything I say I do
I do it with a passion
If I gotta be a *itch imma be a bad one

[Chorus: Kehlani]
Track Name: A Different Broth
[Verse 1: Phlow]
Reaching for the hardest bars I ever had to write
Yeah this the hardest thing I ever had to bite
Nah i’m kidding driving down a fast lane Osbourne
Was when the lyrics floated up and then came
I had the radio turned up on blast
2 a.m alone coming from a show way past
My bedtime staying up so they don’t sleep on this
I think they woke a sleeping giant in this game oh shit
Focused ,developed a super power the past don’t even matter to me
I'm looking forward thats the only path that matters to me
Be me
Thats the major thing I’m going for
Right people around me positive, vibing and going forth
Free styling in the dark
I guess that how them hits done came along
Squeezing in my closet with my mic to get the perfect song
Born and breed up in this city
I been cooking ,cooking up a different broth up in the Gidi

*Screwed Vocals*

[Verse 2: Phlow]
Story time, My story board showed everything my vision blurred
So I reach for lenses prescribed to view the world
A little clearer see intentions when they steer her
In directions whose your Uber when your engines knocked from pressure
Ask for punches I ain't really got that much of it
A lover not a fighter but don’t test me though come off of it yo
I will represent what I will represent
I won’t be here today and gone tomorrow
For the fame and glit (hell of it)
I hope they get me not just
Monkey see and monkey do
Hope they have a why and not a
Do it cuz they think its cool
I'm here to own this from the start
And that is be true to my art i said my art
And thats the
The freaking meaning of the Phlow
That comes in naturally and thats it
Sorry if u didn’t get the punches and the matches
Sorry if d song I say i’ll drop to me is banging
And to u it isn’t how u though this was supposed to happen ahh
Born and breed up in this city
I been cooking cooking up a different broth up in the Gidi
Track Name: Freestyle ( Feat. Cyclone)
[Verse 1: PHLOW]
Do re mi starting on a high note
Took a bout a minute to own it on
Man I'd been feining to scratch that itch like a vinyl
Tidal waves I been flowing since I had pens like a paddle
Or motored my boat or a
Don't push me that's improper
Chops on my beat some veggies I do this proper
Hard knocks ,more like I kicked the door down
And made myself at home up in this game
Like this ain't your house
Been curious since my adolescence
So I let the sessions and the lessons lead to common sense
Nas and some Slick Rick thrown in a little Kendrick
U know the sort rap that was jus rap I'm not a critic
I take the Critique as compliments
It means u made at least a wrinkle on they consciousness
Optimist yeah I'm Raising the bar(s)
Giving em space I'm taking off while I be gazing at stars

[Verse 2: CYCLONE]
It was all a dream and it still is
Grinding on the thousands hoping for millis
Where my next meal is bruh I'ono what chill is
Cos the pepper gats rest talking red hot chillis
Now the deal is
Stay gutted like i took out where the gill is
Pull the mirror out remind myself what real is
Dear mama, I hope you feel this
Cos aim of it all is to ball till we don't care what the bill is
See I don't spit useless I spit useful
Keep the young minds mature and mature minds youthful
Cos God is the DJ, man is the emcee,your life is the record, do not live it empty
But Don't get it twisted yall ain't contortionists
Mc hammer dope see, none of yall can touch on this
None of yall can beat this, bloody percussionists
Lets play the blame game to whom shall I apportion this... sickness