Lightbulb Over My Head While I'm Thinking

by Teck-Zilla X Allen Poe

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A vintage look at life (be it general or personal) through sepia tone, laid back soundscapes. Also somewhat fun and lackadaisical in terms of overall vibe.
Song length purposely short to keep things dense and urgent while engaging the listener with dope beats and arresting lyrics.


released August 8, 2016

Produced by Teck-Zilla For Str8Buttah productions
Written By Allen Poe
Mastered by PJ Katz



all rights reserved


str8buttah Lagos, Nigeria

African Hiphop Collective: Teck-Zilla, XYZ, Enigma, Prof. Deckzavier, R-Cube & Mister Rae

Production Home of:
Maka & Phlow

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Track Name: Retro Scapes Feat Jung Youth
I thought this up off recollections from past life 
a memory I built I dedicate to my last slice
now that nothing's in my name I share it all freely
for these gifts I couldn't pay 
so giving came easy
a greeting a smile and a patience that stays waitin
I'm deeper in now in these waters I stay wading
what was the connection in my cortex that had me more vexed I stress for more checks 
numb like a cortical shot watch me stop right at the door steps
I feel like that a lot 
like maybe my whole life journey 
was learning how to accept the day I am laid in a gurney 
afraid I'll reach my destination and start turning 
trade my talents away that I picked out
give my scales are tipped out 
Reflect and In a puzzle I'm caught 
Is memory an accurate portrayal of thought?

HOOK (Jung Youth)
Retroscapes I see them come and go again
Night and Day like clouds of rain and sudden wind
y'all might say we growing old, it's evident
Perhaps its time to go someplace we've never been

and if I hold it all in who gonna give the spark to my seeds?
Lately I been thinking lotta bout death 
Ya final destination hit you Outta nowhere and you on your last breath 
that is not morbid 
all my songs are pretty
keep ya hands off the orchids
when you visit magic cities 
when mom & pop go corporate thank ya streaming service 
I don't fear MCs
and spotify should make me nervous 
when the universe is limitless, unmeasured and vast
I don't invest in your treasures
I'm not lookin for dap
don't need ya stock tips
Or ya top picks 
like if I'm not in a top five 
Well would I be in the top six.....
lookin ass
I'm in for the integers, 
Win a pennant for the sinners to take it from the senators 
who had our best interests in the pockets of the criminals
who made they best interest in the banks call me cynical
Track Name: Lightbulb Over My Head While I'm Thinking
scale back and see my whole timeline from a bigger perspective 
everything seems vast 
It all looks so eclectic 
colors expressive 
what does it all mean 
to be seen but unheard 
this makes unsure
the dreams deferred 
felt like I was supposed to be a king at first
disposable means I heard 
it was profit in this
and some said prophets in this
I just thought more like an optimist did

If I Don't play my hand wrong 
ain't nothin you can summon,
And if you slip just a little 
I'm steadily comin 
When I'm King of the hill 
I ain't leavin so sudden 
I can not be enough real 
when I say that it's nothin
or when I don't say it ain't something
& I can watch you go glutton on the little that's here
Mishandle that I know more responsibility bring catastrophe near
you can never just be glad to be here
work cause every minute you not someone else is
there's only so many dollars out here to get
Some lessons I've learned were when the light was dim but now I'm shinin sparkle like a diamond while I'm rhymin I be
Track Name: Sunny Side Of Life
I know you, say you always rare
always rare, how rare is that?
always there when you gettin back
always backed when you gettin there
be up front with me don't you care?

this electives the last I need (harmonizing)

to fulfill my hours for this degree
this degree needs no stem or seed
This for me, this good tree 
coffee pot, got me going
it's how I wrote my gardens growing
how my boat keeps me from rowing
how you hope to keep me from knowing

knowing what?
your ways and actions 
stablize these unstable lines and top heavy fractions ..

kept them clapping all chain reactions
domino effect to the ways we actin
you like him, now she likes him,
Now we like him, now he's a god
social ladder that lightening rod
what's the matter? You don't like god?
Who's the faithful, who's Nimrod?
Whose ungrateful when the crop is good?

Who is able to plate the food, 
the grape is good but the wine is better
you liked my Facebook now we go together
Do you like my face? Grow old together?

I know the weather keeps acting funny
we like money but we act so bummy
I should get this show money 
And act like a bro dunny 
but Id rather be with you
Track Name: Jazz Overture (Intermission) Feat Maka
Track Name: Incandescent Feat Hannibal King

VERSE 1 (Allen Poe)
Don't Let em catch you slippin down round ya foundation 
You might as well be lost found drowned in a basin 
If ya don't hear me for the sample & hard snare 
It sound like theories from a man in an armchair 

My coolin unit seems fresh outta freeon
I'm heatin up like the light for the tree, yawn
write for a CD some, write for a record
write about the wrongs in my life and respect it 

write about a thought in my head I protected 
Give all of that to you just prolly neglect it
not well connected, well invested in hours alone my mind to the grindstone
eyes startin to feel old 

Father Time undefeated in every weight class 
So we Grind through the Brake pads...., 
...,Climb from the grey ash
Survive a 80 day fast
Tryin to fulfill how the
first shall be last. 

VERSE 2 (Hannibal King)

They said he never make it
9 to 5, 40 hour weeks back breakin
Late payments, still faded drawin crosses in the pavement, mom's favorite, chasin God's favor,
Never waiver they just jealous of the God's flavor,
Our mayor no approval for my misbehavior/
Been a savior, plenty haters
Like I don't come with plenty layers 
Gifts God gave us
Trying prosper ball out at the red lobster
No imposter just a product of my father
Praise the past so the time will last
Baby hate me living fast
But the life is just that
I got one chance, like Chicago rappers
Another Christmas with no wrappers 
Still a scrapper, nigga no actors
Momma told me do you, no backers
Track Name: Where The Credits Are Due
I just had this in my heart
my heart had just fell into art
love was where we met,

I'm not sure if it's enough of love we get 
the training is long but I'm finally painting a song, I'll never be there yet 

But whateva 
I never felt like that 
like that feeling when ya throat lumps 
I'm doin shows but once, it was a time I only wanted to know monks,
back when my flow sunk my conscience to soul, funk jazz and old punk 
Told foes to punt 
they won't know son,
dark roads come they want more sun
all that time had a soul but ain't explore none 

I want the whole sum
I wanna hold sumn'

yea I never meant to be reckless I'm thinking more for myself now
I guess a mystery gotta be of help now
Keep my wit and my whole style