Bigfoot + Mister Rae are​.​.​. The Big Rae

by The Big Rae

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The story of "The Big Rae" began weirdly as a couple naked acapellas made their way from the blistering cold of a London winter to the sweltering heat of Lagos in the belly of an unreliable hard-disk in 2010; an immigrants journey in reverse.

In the hands of genre-defying producer Bigfoot (of Micworx Music), Mister Rae's (of Str8 Buttah) orphan vocals lost to their humble boom-bap beginnings, were clothed in haunting strings, melancholy keys and victorious synths and rode out into the world on banging percussion. While the message remained the same - honest lyrics on life, love and loss - the music gave it new urgency. First, in the form of "Brittany Murphy" released online in late 2011 and now finally with the EP as a whole.

Expect The Big Rae to get bigger and better with another EP expected before the year is up and a full length album in 2013. You are officially welcome to join The Big Rae's voyage. As every proverbial journey begins, what you are about to listen to now is that humble first step.


released July 31, 2012

Music by Bigfoot (
Words by Mister Rae (



all rights reserved


str8buttah Lagos, Nigeria

African Hiphop Collective: Teck-Zilla, XYZ, Enigma, Prof. Deckzavier, R-Cube & Mister Rae

Production Home of:
Maka & Phlow

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Track Name: The Keys of Life ft. Teck-Zilla + Psalmurai
I wrote these rhyme in the Keys of Life
And the best bit was when I went in my element and made a grand exit
sitting at the back of the bus, I invested
In prayers and faith; God blessed it.
Still I feel restless, the crown needs a new 'heir'
'Cause presently I feel breathless
Every step i take I see eyes watching like the headless-
horsemen, scribbling my name on their hit list
I'd rather see my nom-de-plume written by Schindler
In Japanese characters on top of the cinder
Yes I'm a sinner, I sold my soul to the highest bidder
On the crossroads I deliver
Messages but mails lead to opposite sex???
We're all fragments broken from a composite deck
Never far fetched, still possible yet
Because impossiblity is not impossible to get (get it)

The end is always closer than you know
So if you really love something, Never let it go
Disguise a song as a prayer to make it through the night
So we wrote these rhymes in the Keys of Life

Mister Rae:
I wrote this rhyme in the Keys of Life
Went from A minor to D major with the same disguise
(Dejavu) cause I swear I must have done this twice
Beside the swing set waiting picking out my lice
Snotty nose, nappy head, always polite
Never got a turn, even though I asked real nice
Finally did with no one left to push me, right
So I'd walk home sad, alone into the night
Flat tires on my bike, fresh scabs on my knees
Before I knew God I wrote him a letter to please
Save mummy from the clinic, cure her disease
And keep my report free of Fs and Cs
It was all In the mind but I didn't realize then
Introduced to someone special through the pen
On days like these its how I'm consoled again
The story of how I became my own best friend (The End)

The end is always closer than you know
So if you really love something, Never let it go
Disguise a song as a prayer to make it through the night
So we wrote these rhymes in the Keys of Life

Keys of Life, I'm selling like a dealer in white
Selling crack cocaine, man that shit ain't right
Still, he's a god to his kids and wife
In their sight. Terrible nights to do what is right
Food, clothes, shelter - he goes out helter skelter
Whatever it took to make their whole lives better
To in-laws indoors he's a dedicated father
But outdoors outlaws call him a motherf-cker
Would you rather vice-versa?
Beating his wife and kids without none nicer?
Who would you rather he gives blows
Foes or Kin-folk?
When you find something you love never let it go
In the smiles of his family he found the Keys of Life
And to keep it that way he would kill and strike
Take that all away and end his miserable life
Or lock him up and throw away The Keys for Life
Track Name: So What ft. Teck-Zilla
Mister Rae:
She's a streetcar but she lacks desire
Couldn't get her to bark or call me sire
We're floating apart, please hold me tighter
One smoke left but she stole my lighter
Not enough words in the world to describe her
Complicated - off the beat in our cipher
Deeper than a gypsy deep-sea diver
Colder than a reject - Kids don't like her
Neither do I but this is Love though
I guard my treasure chest like a cut-throat,
One-eyed pirate, Mama I'll be-late
Like a birthday card way pass your big date
"Suicide, it's a suicide"
She's got my thoughts slipping to the other side
Knock, knock... No jokes it's all Truth-or-dare
"I hate you so much yet I wish you were here"

So What?

I've got a pre-occupation: women is my occupation
I'm so sick like Ne-yo I need inoculation
All I see is physical F--- communication
Touch, feel, taste... Configuration
But now I'm grown up with new computations
I had to change the parameters and Calibrations
After the score I ignore all celebrations
I need a recess calling all delegations
Together like coagulation,
We need to clarify without alteration
No pointing of fingers and no accusations
I'm losing my head it feels like decapitation
I assume you and I need more validation
The situation is messy we need sanitation
So I leave with these salutations
I hope your eggs grow from your next ovulation

So What?

Mister Rae:
The Alien princess of my space opera
For you I Tom Cruised sofas with no Oprah
Walked in your shoes like I was your daughter
All for the happily ever after
But there's no end, just another chapter
Just pretend for a sec like I matter
Like grey and white holding organic data...
Data, whatever I hate her
So I launch a "gravity rainbow" at her planet
Only to regret it and then absorb the damage
Lost both shields and my Mega-thrusters
Facebook-goddess could I ever trust her
I don't know, though
I feel I'm being clowned like my ID says "Bobo"
This power-puff girl keeps killing my mojo
Master I lost like I can't find your dojo
Track Name: Easy Lover
Easy lovers listen with your heart on hold
Give me a minute while I paint my shit gold
To sell the sacred to the hated…ten fold
And donate the proceeds; (...oops, forgot I left you on hold)

As we proceed to give you more things to need
Instead of food and education, try Nikes and greed
A Che Guevara T-shirt from a Latin sweatshop
Bob Marley chucks from a Dread that got shot
The revolution will be televised only on Pay-Per-View
Let the children breed monsters and I don’t mean Picachu
I mean YOU watching people like YOU get murdered
Bullets ‘raze’ ghettoes like Single Black Mothers
Bombs get dropped like Funk Flex on brothers
And you are the cause, of course, did I stutter?
You don’t believe me I need more people
Revolutionaries in the real, axes of evil
Writers to speak for the dispossessed people
Listeners and readers to see that’s it simple
Unless you don’t believe we are all created equal
Do it right now for there will be no sequel

Easy lovers listen with your heart on hold
Give me a minute while I paint my shit gold
To sell the sacred to the hated…ten fold
And donate the proceeds

Hey, Young World I see you growing wild
Word from an O-G "be a father to your child"
'Cause you cant leave the raising of the youth to television
That only tells him how to get trapped in the system
Advertisement tell him that he won’t be happy
If he doesn’t have the newest-latest updated malarky
Everybody aiming for 15 minutes of fame
Call it ‘Reality-TV’ only thing ‘real’ is the ‘name’
Your child grows up imitating the vain, thinking that’s real
Then he sees suffering and pain, and don’t think that’s real
'Cause there’s no emotional music in the background of the news
While the weapons contractors that own the channels share their views
Abused till he lives to consume
Greed looms heavy, Elephant in the Room
Desensitized from the womb to the tomb
But you say "Rae cut out the doom and gloom"

Easy lovers listen with your heart on hold
Give me a minute while I paint my shit gold
To sell the sacred to the hated…ten fold
And donate the proceeds
Track Name: Voices
I’m on a rough road, it’s nothing special
I’ll stick around until I know it’s time to let go
I walk a thin line, I fake a straight spine
Chin in the air so my swagger says it’s all fine
Paraplegic mime lost in the design
Songs about songs as long as you rewind
What am I on about? Spread it by word of mouth
Heading the same way but I take a different route
"Stop being abstract, this is a love song
You didn’t notice that because you’ve got love wrong"
Its not the taste in your mouth the sweat on your palms
That old tension kicking in the moment you’re calm

Its the voices, I hear them in my head again
Make up my mind but you don't ever let me in
The choices, to late to take it back again
Stay on my grind but you don't ever let me win

Still on the shame show, a different wardrobe
The end is near but God is speaking in morse code
Facebook-goddess: she rhymes the hardest
Flow ferocious, low jabs regardless
Of the rules that we claim we all play by.
Battered and bruised but we claim we all stay fly.
Check the credit rating, no ones celebrating
What we’re facings guaranteed to smash you face in
Stop being violent. Its still a love song
How many times will I tell you that you’ve got love wrong?
Its not the wind in your hair, the glow in her stare
Its the choices we make and those we fail to
The voices we hate but still relate to
The moments of truth those lies could lead to
I’ll tell you the rest if you can stay tuned

Its the voices, I hear them in my head again
Make up my mind but you don't ever let me in
The choices, to late to take it back again
Stay on my grind but you don't ever let me win

I’m off that rough road, it’s time to let go
My femme fatale kept tripping in her stilettos
She reads the magazines knows ‘love ain’t a thing’
She’s only eighteen digging for that wedding ring
And “I am twenty-six going on seventeen”
Same dreams, same songs, same pathetic wings
They take me nowhere, its like they don’t care
Threaten to chop then off but they don’t know fear
Maybe you were right, this is a love song
And all my life, right, I got love wrong
Its not that quarter-life crisis, fear of surprises,
Trapped in a mirror maze – startle your own disguises;
Fumbling the pass saying “I’m not usually like this”
Staring at her... with no words to describe this
Until the queen ponders “Is this what love is?”
Tell her not to wonder it’s just the voices

Its the voices, I hear them in my head again
Make up my mind but you don't ever let me in
The choices, to late to take it back again
Stay on my grind but you don't ever let me win
Track Name: Dreams
Moving pictures, animated corpses
In designer hearses, matching man-purses
Thought I was fly till I flew too high
Crashed to the ground left a crack in the sky
Picked my pieces off the floor, re-attach my lower jaw
(kick in the door) wondering what I'm sober for
Second rounds on whoever's got the Kevlar
Always keep my witty banter sharp enough to sever
Whatever, Dreams rule everything around me
I'll be a 'Nightmare on your Street' unless with family
Hey hey hey, better be calm B
My plan B involves recruiting a veteran army
I'm cold-chilling; your sun can't tan me
Even though the Pigs be tryna 'Animal Farm' me
Dreams keep me warm at night like my Degrees
Spin doctor the economy and then I freeze

Mother wasn't strong enough for labour pains
Doctors cut her up, took me out so my day begins
'Fresher' than Run DMC in '84
Sorta-like Swine Flu I'm on a world tour
In a Chariot of Fire flanked by angelic whores
Feel me to call me Sire like (insert metaphor)
That shit's a bore like titties to a child predator
or a freshly tossed salad to a carnivore, done it all before
Dopest emcee in my past life colder than minus 273
I was past ice, past nice
My benevolence was sinister
And I shone brighter than Slick Rick trapped in a star
Thus far, Every story told was sub-par
(cereal) killer munch on pop rappers for supper
Bones, Snap & Crackle, hear them suffer
Ride for my planet like the Silver-Surfer
Track Name: "Brittany Murphy"
Rest in Peace Brittany Murphy, Heaven aint worthy
They're hating the team but they're lovin’ the jersey
Trapped in a scene were there’s no one as worthy
For that guillotine, blind surgery absurdity
Murder me before I murder again
Said the note on the dresser when I walked in the room
Same thing on the mic, like a witch on a broom
I’m fly with the spit when I murder a pen
Forgot about that, didn’t you? Mere mortals get ridiculed
Pathetic dreams grow up to die in a cubicle
"No matter what they throw up Rae, it aint new to you
No matter what the judges say, it aint beautiful"
Their vision's impaired, so I take ‘em in pairs
Like Noah do, to the opticians and get them a new pair or two
Brand new spectacles, on point like Decimals
They’ve been on my nuts since they were brand new testicles
Swear on The Bible, test my recital, I’m (Edgar Allen Poe-litical)
so lyrical I’m make your grammar go digital
Oh, is it true? They ask if I’m ‘Invincible’
like the animated family, Yes, but no Disney
iller than thou so the flow is so sickenly
Unstoppable, Bruce Banner all obstacles
While I drop a jewel like the Rich irresponsible
Inflamed like a tonsil, my style is so Gonzo
Hunter-esque flow, Fear and loathing in my castle
Drop the drawbridge, duel the swordfish
Laced a track with the Devil, Allah endorsed it
Most high drop a bomb on it, like Nagasaki
Or more like humbler abode of an Iraqi
Hands on my nuts is why I’m spitting so cocky
They tryna amp me up like the theme song from ‘Rocky’
But I’m tryna ante up like The Mash-Out Posse
For a ‘Lil Fame’ I’ll probably Danze but sadly
I just wanna close my eyes and never wake up
Let the waves wash away my sad clown make-up
Fall in love again just to experience a break-up
Procrastination’s just another hobby that I take up
Masturbation’s just a solitary lover’s hiccup
On the long road to being slain in a stick-up
Prrrrrrrrrr Stick Up..What –What – What, Stick ‘em
Why Why Why should I play the victim?
I’m trapped in a First-Person Shooter
No Avenue for my roots to Manuva
No gratitude for the hearts I Bazooka
In my quest to retrieve the white flag for my ruler
The horns of Capricorn point where I belong
Feeling betrayed and scorned, seeing what I’ve become
A mere reflection of the man in the looking glass
Steered by the maiden with the fine fly looking ass
With the ability to look beyond my flaws
Without the elevator she said “I’m all yours”
Please hold the door the last thing I saw
Disappointment in her eyes as her jaw dropped in awe
Please hold the door’s the last thing I saw
Disappointment in her eyes as her jaw dropped in awe

Back to building castles in the sky
And watching good things pass me by
For a reason I can’t deny and can’t disguise
Don’t ask me why
Castles in the sky
Watching good things pass you by
For a reason you can’t deny and cant describe
Don’t ask me why
Track Name: Bonus: Moonraker (Bigfoot Remix)*
Where am I? I'm not obliged to answer
I'm watching as the radiation multiplies the cancer
Trapped in your mind while you evaluate this stanza
Hidden in the laboratory of a flying saucer
I black out and wake up in the belly of the beast
Digestive acids dissolve the flesh around my feet
Nano-robots try to reconstruct me out of my DNA
But my physical form is divine, Comprende?
Mathematics couldn't plot a graph of my trajectory
I'm impossible I survived my father's vasectomy
And my mother’s abortion. The space and time distortion:
They kick rhymes; I kick holes in speaker to other dimensions.
Still haven't answered your question? Quit asking me
I evolved from the big band, a piece of God's debris
That's a clue to where I am right now for any takers
I revolve around the earth, they call me the moonraker

Moonraker/The heart-breaker

Where am I? I'm not obliged to answer
I'm battling with my demons, mind blacker than a panther
Six million chics chant my name like a mantra
A sea of strange face till the moment I found her
I black out and wake up to find myself beneath her sheets
I'm back in traffic before the tears roll down her cheeks
I don't know what could obstruct me or myself to stay
'Cause her physical form was divine, comprende?
Cinematics couldn't capture her beauty so vividly
It’s impossible, brown skin with so much history
Like a teenage abortion, a recent drug addiction
She’s still fine in every other dimension
Still haven't answered the question she keeps asking me
I can't be the brave knight her man has to be
I'm just another in a sad long line of heart breakers
Orbiting her planet, they call us the moonrakers

Moonraker/The heart-breaker

And the drum was the ground beneath my feet
But it had to abandon us to make the cipher complete
Word isn't born, It was there at the beginning
At the beginning it was God so better worship her singing
As cumulus clouds swallow the Lagos skyline
Only this one MicWorx, So why bother rhyme?
Sex is only a sin but love is a crime
That’s all that matter since man slayed the divine.